Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introducing InThePink Dagda's Sacred Oak

I just got Oak's registration papers from our breeder today and I'm so happy I got the name I wanted for him. There are reasons for choosing "Dagda's Sacred Oak" for his name and I thought I'd explain it here.
My last golden MacCartney's Phoenix of Dagda CD died in september 2008 after being my best friend for 14 years. When I decided it was time for a new puppy, I wanted to have his name connected to Phoenix somehow. So I started looking at names for the new puppy and decided to check into Celtic Mythology again. Another thing that figured into my name choice is his father's name, which is Leaf (Hyline's Branch of the Tree).
Dagda(part of Phoenix's name) is the god of life and death in Celtic Mythology. He is the Father of All Gods, also known as the "Good God" and the Irish Lord of the Land. During times of peace, the Dagda would play his living harp, also known as the "Oak of the Two Cities" or "Hand of Fourfold Music." As he played, the music would cause the seasons to process in order...Spring to Summer...Summer to Autumn...Autumn to Winter...and Winter again to Spring.
The Oak is Dagda's tree. The Oak was the principal sacred tree of the Druids, symbolizing truth and steadfast knowledge as well as the turning of the year. During this time, Druids would carve a circle in the tree for protection against lightning. The Oak was representative of the trials that individuals experience in life while changing and becoming who they were meant to be. This tree represented the soul which, in Celtic terms, was the "Eye of God." Doors made of Oak were believed to keep out evil. The word "door" derives from the Sanskrit "duir," Ogham for Oak and a word which symbolizes solidity and protection. In the realm of the forest, the Oak is the King of Trees, standing mightily solid with great branches, matched only be even greater roots. Often struck by lightning, the force of the strike and the heat bursts the sap and stem of the Oak apart, leaving the trunk gnarled and withered...yet, the Oak still manages to survive for decades or even centuries.
Also while I was researching I found that in Celtic astrology the Oak tree was my puppy's tree sign(July 4).
So everything seemed to fit together perfectly and he became InThePink Dagda's Sacred Oak.
He looks totally impressed with his name, don't you think? :)


Elizabeth said...

What a great story, thanks for sharing! Isn't it amazing how we come up with names for our beloved pets?

Here is our story-

retriever farm said...

sounds meant to be.