Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Changes ....

I have decided it is time to change the focus of this blog. As I mentioned in the last blog I wrote, we have been having numerous health issues not only with Jewels, but with all our dogs. We have been researching and trying different things to improve their health and we have also been doing the same with our own. I would like to start writing about the things we are learning (and trying) and the things that are helping. So stayed tuned for a BRAND NEW BLOG :)

By the way, the rabbit still isn't here :(
Jewels was scheduled for her cataract surgery on Tuesday March 22. She had developed a heart murmur, so our vet wanted her to have an xray and possibly an ultra sound to make sure she'd be ok to have the surgery. They discovered she wasn't ok to have the surgery she has a tumour on the bottom of her heart. It is a condition called Chemodectoma . More research, more changes, a healthier bunch of furry friends :) Our Journey Back to Health is about to begin. Want to come along for the ride?

Friday, March 11, 2011

It Tea Time Again

Once again we had a fabulous time, yummy food, delicious tea and a great atmosphere (it was at Vandermeer's Nursery again) My granddaughter and her friend really enjoyed the chocolate fountain and went back for seconds and thirds.

Once again this year we made our way to the Durham Region Humane Society Victorian Tea.

They also had a hat contest (my friend Corinne won last year) where everyone had to make their own hat. This is Mandy sporting her lovely hat with it's living garden. Yes, those plants are alive!

Julie went with an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party theme for her hat :)

They also had a few pyschics, tea leaf readings (by Corinne),

raffles, chocolates for sale and so much more. I came home with a few new plants ( a hyacinth that smells absolutely wonderful!) and a full tummy. Thanks for the great day! We'll see you again next year :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When's the Rabbit Coming?

In Chinese astrology 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. I read the motto is: "Let there be peace -- and let it begin with me". Last year was the year of the Tiger. It was supposedly a year of "roller coaster ups and downs." I think, around here at least, the year of the Tiger decided to hang on for a bit so that we would appreciate the calmness to follow. Hopefully that will happen soon!

One major thing I have learned so far this year is cat's claws and dogs eyes are a bad combination.

On January 5 our little Jewels was accidently scratched in the eye by one of the cats she lives with. She was rushed off to the emergency clinic in the area. Unfortunately, our local emergency clinic is not set up to handle eye emergencies. They weren't much help at all, except to recommend that Jewels be taken to see Dr Michael Zigler in Oakville. He was able to sew her iris back on and send her home with lots of eye drops and meds to be taken in hopes of saving her eye. We went back the following week for a checkup and then again 2 weeks after that. She was able to cut back the 4x a day eye drops to 3x and some even only twice a day. He was cautiously optimistic that she would regain some of her sight and keep her eye. Yeah she was on the road to recovery!

Well, things didn't work out quite the way we had hoped :( On Sunday February 13 we went for a lovely walk, then a bit of a nap (for the dogs) and some treats. Suddenly I heard a squeal from upstairs. Jewels came running downstairs very upset with liquid running down her face! Back to the emergency clinic (who were once again no help), then back to see Dr Zigler.. After a 2 days of tests he discovered a stitch had come out and her retina had detached. There was no way to save her eye. He did an enucleation of her eye on the Tuesday and we were able to pick her up on Wednesday. She had just been able to take her cone off once in a while, but now she was back in it for the next two weeks.

After lots of rest, relaxation, hugs, kisses and treats, she is healing wonderfully and looking fabulous. She does have cataracts in the remaining eye so can only see shadows. It does seem to cause her some stress especially at night and when a certain golden retriever starts bouncing around. So she will be having cataract surgery on her remaining eye (they did lots of tests to determine it was a perfect candidate for surgery). She has her cataract surgery. scheduled for March 22 and then she'll be done. Then maybe the rabbit part of the year will finally begin and fill the rest of her year with PEACE and CALM.