Friday, March 11, 2011

It Tea Time Again

Once again we had a fabulous time, yummy food, delicious tea and a great atmosphere (it was at Vandermeer's Nursery again) My granddaughter and her friend really enjoyed the chocolate fountain and went back for seconds and thirds.

Once again this year we made our way to the Durham Region Humane Society Victorian Tea.

They also had a hat contest (my friend Corinne won last year) where everyone had to make their own hat. This is Mandy sporting her lovely hat with it's living garden. Yes, those plants are alive!

Julie went with an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party theme for her hat :)

They also had a few pyschics, tea leaf readings (by Corinne),

raffles, chocolates for sale and so much more. I came home with a few new plants ( a hyacinth that smells absolutely wonderful!) and a full tummy. Thanks for the great day! We'll see you again next year :)

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