Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Changes ....

I have decided it is time to change the focus of this blog. As I mentioned in the last blog I wrote, we have been having numerous health issues not only with Jewels, but with all our dogs. We have been researching and trying different things to improve their health and we have also been doing the same with our own. I would like to start writing about the things we are learning (and trying) and the things that are helping. So stayed tuned for a BRAND NEW BLOG :)

By the way, the rabbit still isn't here :(
Jewels was scheduled for her cataract surgery on Tuesday March 22. She had developed a heart murmur, so our vet wanted her to have an xray and possibly an ultra sound to make sure she'd be ok to have the surgery. They discovered she wasn't ok to have the surgery she has a tumour on the bottom of her heart. It is a condition called Chemodectoma . More research, more changes, a healthier bunch of furry friends :) Our Journey Back to Health is about to begin. Want to come along for the ride?

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