Monday, April 19, 2010

Reiki is a Wonderful Thing!

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted :( I will have to do better to keep in touch.
This past weekend I was again at Cedar Cove Wellness taking a Reiki course from my Reiki Master Susan Rouse. The course I took over the weekend was my Reiki Level II. It was fabulous! Saturday morning we studied the symbols, learned how to give distance Reiki and were attuned to Level II Reiki. Then we practiced our distance healing. Susan asked us to bring a picture of a person, or animal in need of healing and we used these pictures to focus our Reiki energy for healing. I choose my daughter's dog Zanara

Zanara had a sore and swollen right front foot about 4 months ago. The vet thought it may have been a small fracture and she had to stay off it for about 2 weeks. No walk, no nothing! Poor girl :( But after the rest, the swelling did go down and she felt much better. Well, she started limping again last tuesday. No more walks again :( She loves her walks and she gets very pouty when she can't go.

We also feel its very important for her to keep moving, in order to keep healthy (Zanara just turned 11 yrs. old in March and she was diagnosed with 3rd degree hip displasia at the age of two). So anyway, like I was saying, on saturday I took the picture of Zanara that I had with me, and gave her distance Reiki.

The change in her is nothing short of amazing! (in my opinion, at least). Mandy said she looked so much better on saturday, that she decided to go to the off leash dog park on sunday. She wasn't limping or showing discomfort anymore. Look Zanara is running!

and smiling:)

I can't believe how much happier and more active she is. I am soooo glad I decided to start on this Reiki healing path.

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