Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Practice Graduation

So last night was graduation for our obedience class. I call it our "practice graduation" because I knew we were't going to pas the first time round! Oak was his usual playful self. During the heel exercise he spent the whole time jumping up and trying to grab the leash(of course he had a big smile on his face the entire time).
When the instructor said halt, I would stop and Oak would sit(as he should) but not neccessarily beside me. Once he was behind me, once in front, then once sort of beside.

Next came Stand for Examination. He has never stayed during this exercise, except when we are at home of course. This time he actually stood and stayed when I told him too! The instructor went over, ran a hand down his side and I rushed back over to him before he moved. Yeah! He's getting there!

Don't forget we are doing all these exercises without treats tonight, so I was rather pleased with him. He didn't stay worth a hoot for the sit stay or the down stay. He is obviously not to keen on the "stay" word :)

He is supposed to be seated on the floor behind me, not following me!

But, he was happy and so was I. Class is always alot of fun with my little Oak around. : )


Honey said...

Hi Oak!!!!!
Love the photos. Such a lovely color you are! And, so smiley.
Thank you for visiting my blog!!!
Cheers, Honey

Kiya said...

Way to go Oak!