Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Day

Well today is the first day of our new program. We actually started last night with leash work during a walk. He did very well especially near the end of our walk. Unfortunately, he found it too hot! He was huffing and puffing and it was only 16 C out! When we got home he lay down under the deck, in a hole he made there, to cool off. Poor guy is really going to hate it when it actually gets hot!
We went to the park this morning and he ran and ran and ran.

He even went in the stream for a little drink and to try to grab a stick. Personally, I just wanted him to clean the mud off his paws!

Then on the way out of the park I put him on lead and we did heel work, sit stay, down stay and stand for examination.

I didn't make him stay for extended periods of time, but I think he did very well especailly with all the distractions in the area.

The only thing is, I thought he might lay down for a rest when we got home, he's not. He's definitely not as hyper as usual, but he's not sleeping either! Oh well, I guess you can't expect miracles on the first day!