Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Helpful Gardener

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in Oshawa that we decided to do some gardening. I had some trees in the front garden that I planted years ago and I wasn't really happy with the way they were turning out, so I decided to remove them. Easier said then done. Some of the roots were alot deeper and thicker then I thought they would be. Oak saw I was having difficulties removing the tree and he decided to pitch in and help. He looked at the root and decided the best was to begin to dig.

Then he jumped right in and stated digging and digging until we were able to remove the tree.

Time for a little break(after all that hard work).

(Please note all the dirt on my sidewalk that I had to clean up. He's not the neatest digger!)
Next he needed to lay down on the dirt just to make sure the hole from the tree was all covered and solid. There was also some leftover pieces of root that needed mulching! :)

A big smile for a job well done. What a helpful boy I have :)


retriever farm said...

Who needs a training program Just let him dig to wear himself out. He sure did a great job helping.

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

A dirty Golden is a happy Golden. Daisy is currently working on a tunnel under our front porch.

Tucker and Daisy

susan said...

Excellent job, Oak! - Perhaps Mummy could rent you out to her friends as a rototiller!