Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Business of the Month

We at A Pet Nanny Plus have been nominated as the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month for December. So exciting! We get a banner to hang in our place of business so we can show it off to all our clients. Unfortunately, my place of business is an office in my home, so no one will see the banner and be suitably impressed by it, so I decided to take pictures of it and plaster them all over the internet, newsletters etc. :)

I decided there needed to be a pet in the picture, after all, we are a pet sitting business. Oak got chosen as the model. And since it's December, he should be suitably dressed for the occasion.

So I tied the sign to the fence and started difficult task of getting a GOOD picture I could use.:) It took about 3 hours and 101 pictures (thank goodness for digital cameras!) but I think we finally got 1 or 2 I can work with.

First we had Oak being camera shy :)

Then the timer went off before we got into place! We look like we are admiring the sign :)

Then Oak decided the Santa hat was a great toy and he should pull it off and run away while I had my back turned setting the timer on the camera.

Trying to get the hat to stay on his head was a bit of work :) He was ok with the antlers, but he thought the hat was a lot of fun to play with!

Finally our a great shot I can use of both of us.

And a good one of just Oak too. Now I have to decide what to do with them!

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