Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Hope We'll Win a Dyson!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION - It would seem the manufacturer's of the Dyson Animal Vacuum cleaner are putting on a contest. All you have to do is video tape your pet doing a trick and send it in to this website Then the viewers vote on which one they like the best. Hmmm... What kind of tricks can Oak do? I've been trying to teach him to roll over(Jewels does it beautifully), so maybe we''l try that. Although he is great at carrying laundry around, and maybe I could teach him to put it in the washing machine( or fold it would be even better, then I wouldn't have to do it!). That would be a cool trick :)

This is his houdini trick. How to get through a cat door :)

1 comment:

JewelzyBug said...

Hey! Jewels is SO gonna win! She is more talented (and cute!) :0)