Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Training

We went to class last night and Oak did very well(in most cases). He's not so great at the stand and stay. I tell him to stand, walk to the end of his 6 ft leash, turn and face him, then the trainer walks up and pets him while he stands still(no moving of the feet). There's the problem, he wants to go say Hi, not stand and wait for her to come to him. She ended up putting an orange cone on the ground int front of him and that made him pause. I'm supposed to use a chair to block him, but the only problem is, he usually does it fine at home without new and interesting people to visit!

I also asked her about the counter surfing problem. She suggested tin pop cans with a few pennies in them, tried together with string. He gets caught on the string, while trying to get the yummy treat you have placed up there, pulls the noisy cans down to the floor. While he's standing there wondering what's going on, yell "wrong" or "leave it" from the other room. Do this for about a week. Then you take the cans away and place what he thinks is a yummy treat on the counter. You melt some margerine add hot sauce to it(quite a bit), then soak a piece of chicken in the mixture. He'll probabely jump up and grab the chicken, he'll chew it a bit, then this horrible sensation will start in his mouth. Make sure there is no water down. Poor guy shouldn't try it again, but I'd test him a few more times to make sure.
I know this last bit sounds cruel, but consuming chocolate is poisonous to dogs. He could have died it he's gotten enough of it. He has to stop jumping on counters and tables and taking what he wants.

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