Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adventures in Dock Diving

Now that Oak has finally started swimming, he never wants to stop! He loves it in the water. It's great for his hips too, so I don't mind taking him as often as I can. Since he is enjoying the water and swimming, I've been thinking of trying dock diving. There are some classes around here that I can take him to so we can get started. I thought I'd try him out on a "real" dock first to see how it went and then sign up for a class. We have a friend who owns a dock, so we went up to his house yesterday to try out Dock Diving. The first task was getting him on the dock! He was very nervous about walking on the dock and it took about 20 minutes to convince him he wasn't going to fall in just because he was on the dock!

After that, we tried throwing a stick in the water so he would jump in and fetch it. I took a video of him.

As you can see the result wasn't quite what we were looking for! He's such a smart little boy :) Then we tried it with Jamie (hubby, too cold for me to go in!) in the water calling Oak. I took a video of his gracful entry into the water.

He must have gone at least 6 inches away from the dock! What a dive! He tried one more time after that and once again sunk under water. I don't think he likes the sinking part. More practice and we'll get those 20 foot jumps, I'm sure of it!

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Miley said...

Wow you are one brave golden!!! I like to swim but not jump in, tooo scary for me!!! Practice makes perfect, good luck!!!

lotsa licks,