Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun on the Weekend

This past weekend was full of fun and new experiences for Oak. The fun actually started on wednesday since he spent wednesday, thursday and friday in daycare playing with his buddy Lite.
On saturday I decided to take him to the river swimming, since we hadn't been for a few days. He had a great time in the water, swimming, chasing sticks, finding bugs, and running around in the tall grass.

He was very good about bringing the sticks back to shore, although not necessarily to me, so I could throw it again.

Sometimes they got lost in the current and floated down river so we went down there to find them. That's when we spotted these footprints in the water. There were none on shore, just in the river.
I think they were blue heron prints. Oak was really no help in deciding what they were :) To bad we didn't get to see the actual bird!

On sunday we went to a soccer tournament all day. He got to visit with the grandkids (who he loves),

meet some old friends, and some not so friendly acquaintances (Beau doesn't really like Oak) This is Beau and Zanara watching the game.

When we walked closer Beau started barking at him, so we stayed in our little spot, and they stayed in theirs. Zanara, on the other hand, will put up with Oak if she has to(she does, she is Lite's sister!). Not that she is ever too thrilled to have puppies around!

He was also interested in making some new friends. He was facinated with the ponies and goats(there was a petting zoo at the soccer tournament).

He decided the food the kids bought to feed the goats and llamas was actually quite yummy and he tried to find every little kibble that was dropped on the ground and gobble it up.

He was a very good boy over all and a very tired boy, by the time we got home.

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