Monday, August 10, 2009

Daycare on Saturday

On Saturday Oak and I had to go over to the daycare/boarding house and take care of the dogs staying there for the weekend. Oak was very picky about who he wanted to play with. He spent the whole time playing with Lite only.

Maxie and Hobbs played with each other, although every now and then somebody, usually Lite, would grab something they all wanted, and they would all chase him around the yard. Mostly though, Oak and Lite wrestled(usually in the livingroom) and Hobbs and Maxie enjoyed a good game of tug of war.
They slept (sometimes in very uncomfortable looking positions!)

or just rested for a minute,

then they'd be off again.

Personally I wish I had just a teeny weeny bit of the energy these dogs have! Meanwhile poor Zanara spent most of the day napping.

These yougun's are just too crazy for her!

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