Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Hip Story Continues..

I just thought I keep everyone up to date on Oak's progress(or lack thereof, since he's never shown any signs of discomfort). I started the Sasha's Blend on May 1. It has a very fishy scent to it. He gets 1 1/2 tsp. per day with his food. He didn't really like it at first, but he doesn't seem to notice it anymore. I also started him on salmon oil the same day.
On May 8 I picked up some Ester C. I gave him 1000 mg. that night, then 1000mg with both am and pm meals until yesterday, when I increased the am dose to 2000mg.
He had his first acupunture appointment on friday May 8. Everything went well, it didn't bother him at all.
This morning we went to see the chiropractor. She did find his hips were misaligned. The right side was high and the leftside was low. There was also a hot area in the middle just above his tail. His spine was a wee bit off too. She said it could be caused by regular puppy craziness or from the fact his hips are displasic. She adjusted him today and we have an appointment for next tuesday to see how everything is then. He may be really off, we are spending the long weekend at the cottage. This will be his first time!


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Anonymous said...

He looks like he enjoys being outside! Love your blog!