Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend at the Cottage

Oak(Lite, Zanara and Jewels) all had a fabulous long weekend at the cottage! Lots of swimming, running, playing and adventures!
Oak would only go in the water up to the point where he could still touch bottom but Zanara wouldn't stay out of the pond. She was cleaning it out. She swam to any sticks she saw and carried them to the shore, then she went back for more. Not only did she clean up the sticks, but she also cleaned up the rocks on the bottom. The ramp into the water was littered with rocks and sticks that she had taken out. What a helpful girl!

Lite even got in on the action. After a few attempts(really funny attempts!) he was in there swimming like a pro.

Jewels preferred to keep to the shore running around and chasing bugs. Although she did try to collect some of the smaller sticks by the edge. And those frogs, she tried really hard to catch them, but they were too quick.

We went for long walks, had a bonfire and one night even had fireworks! The fireworks didn't even bother Oak, thank goodness, over the years I've come to hate long weekends and fireworks.

It was quite chilly at night, but other then a really rainy saturday the weather wasn't bad for the rest of the weekend. I was a bit worried about Oak overdoing it with his hips, but he was fine. A bit stiff at night(not just his hips, but his whole body) but that was the only sign of pain he showed. We went to the chiropractor on tuesday after we got home and she said his left hip was a bit low again, but he was much better then the appointment the week before.

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retriever farm said...

looks like they had so much fun. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing dogs just having fun with each other being dogs.