Thursday, January 15, 2009

Puppy Class

We started puppy classes on Saturday October 25, Yeah! We were so excited! Oak made friends with Kiwi, a 4 month old pug. Before class the puppies get to play and expend a bit of excess energy. Oak was the only puppy calm enough to play with tiny little Kiwi. All the other puppies were big and boiterous and might hurt her, but Oak was very calm and they had a great time together. Oak was sitting, heeling and staying, but he needed some work on the down. I had entered obedience trials with Phoenix and we had gotten our Companion Dog and I was considering doing the same with Oak. Our trainer actually said she thought he'd be fabulous, because he is so focused. So, I guess the decision is made. We better start practicing!
We were still going to the dog park everyday and meeting new friends. We also practiced our recalls at the park. He'd come running every time, even when there other puppies to go see!
We would also head over to the daycare on occasion and play there. Being a puppy is such fun! :)

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