Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Second Class

We went to our second training class on tuesday. Oak had plenty of exercise(it was a Barkley day, then we played with Ranger, then we walked and played with Hudson) but he was still very hyper. He did absolutely horrible on the heeling section. He was bouncing around, jumping up, tried to steal the trainer's treats :), and didn't listen at all. More practice is obviously needed, for me and him! The rest of the night went well. He was more focused on me, stayed when he was supposed to and did pretty good on the figure 8 at the end of the class(first time we tried it). I think he's doing quite well and I'm happy with his progress so far. Unfortunately, he is still better at home then he is at class! Practice, practice, practice.
More news, Oak will have a new friend to grow up with. My daughter Mandy is getting a new golden puppy this sunday. He was born on Nov. 29, so he is about 5 mos younger then Oak. His name is Treeverwood's Chrysolite, Lite for short. I'm sure they'll be best buddies in no time.

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