Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obedient or Not So Very Much :)

Well, class last night was defintely fun, very entertaining, and a learning experience for me. My puppy who does everything wonderful at home where there are no distractions, tries to listen to what every other owner is saying to their dog and not to what I am saying! He didn't do too bad for the first class, but we really have to work on his focus. At home his eyes don't leave my face, at class, there are too many other facinating things to check out! He did do an absolutely wonderful recall though. The trainer called him from the other side of the room, I let go of his leash, and he went running straight to her as fast as his legs would take him. He also came running back to me when I called. His enthusiasim is so cute to watch.
Once again, we found out he is just to beautiful! Everyone thought he was the most beautiful GIRL they've ever seen. My handsome boy is going to get a complex :)

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Sarah said...

Hi :)

My girl bella is starting obedience classes on this sunday coming which should be interesting... She turns 6 months on jan 30th

I found your blog throough a golen retriever group on flickr..

this is me on flickr

Oak is absolutely gorgeous too :) such a happy face :)