Friday, January 16, 2009

One More Little Puppy Health Problem

Oak was enjoying puppy classes(we had been to 2 classes), he had a great time at daycare and he loved going to the dog park everyday. Then on Thursday November 7 he got a runny nose. It was just a bit of a runny nose at first. Clear fluid and out of the left nostril. I called my vet and she said to keep an eye on him and if it wasn't better by Monday we'd put him on antibiotics. She also suggested that I keep him isolated from other dogs until it cleared up in case it was something they could catch. Poor Oak, no park, no daycare, and no puppy class! I also started him on 1000 =mg of vitamin C per day and gave him warmed up chicken broth a few times a day. Over the weekend his nose started to run even more, and the mucous turned green. He was so uncomfortable in his crate, he couldn't seem to get his head at the right angle to breathe, so I let him sleep on the floor beside me(he hasn't been back in the crate since). We'd have to get up a few times during the night and wipe his nose. He started running away from me when he saw me with a washcloth in my hand! Poor little guy! We decided on Monday that it was time for antibiotics, so I started them monday morning. By wednesday he was worse!
He slept all that day and his head was so sore I couldn't even touch it. He wasn't chewing anything(toys, my hand etc), although it didn't stop him from eating. I checked out his gums, and they were really red and swollen. So I decided to try an old remedy my Mom used on me and I used on my kids when they were teething, I put some rye on my finger and rubbed it on his gums! I think it helped alot. It seemed to soothe the pain. I did it a couple of times per day for the next few days, then his gums started to turn back to pink and not look so swollen. Most of his adult teeth were coming in and most of his puppy teeth were gone(I managed to get 4 :). He also started to get his regular old exuberance back. Finally, he was starting to feel better. Unfortunately, his nose was still running a bit by the time saturday rolled around, so still no puppy class.
The following wednesday he was finally healthy again and could go back to the park, and back to daycare. Yeah! He was so happy to see his friends again. Unfortunately, on thursday he came in contact with a dog who came down with Kennel Cough the next day. Oh no! I was afraid he was going to get sick again! And he had to go into isolation again. No daycare, no park and no puppy class for 5 to 10 days, or until we're sure he's not going to get the Kennel Cough. I contacted the dog trainer and she said she would give us a credit for the Novice class in January, since he was going to miss the last 2 classes.
Luckily for us, Oak's immune system was finally up and running. He never got Kennel Cough at all. He just got really bored! :)

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