Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow Play

So we are supposed to practice twice a day for 10 minutes. Well, we've been practicing once a day for 10 minutes. That's a start, right. :) He was starting to get bored after the 10 minutes, so I can see why you're supposed to keep it short and sweet. Also always end on a high note. That way he feels good, he enjoyed it, and he got treats. Let's do it again! Puppies have to enjoy what they are doing, or they will loose interest. I think will try some practicing at the dog park. We did this when he was going to puppy classes(the whole 2 he went to!) and he did really well. Lots of distractions there!

Today when we took Ranger to the park at lunch, we decided it would be fun to make a snowman. The snow was really packy and easy to roll, but boy was it heavy! I was rolling the snow, Ranger was crashing into it and trying to eat the snow, and Oak was just ignoring the whole process! We had a great time! They really love playing in the snow.

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