Monday, January 12, 2009


You know, I figured having a puppy would mean less visits to the vet. I think it means more! Especially during the first few months! My vet told me she sees it all the time. She compared puppies to little kids in daycare, they catch every germ around! After the first few months a healthy puppy's immune system will kick in and he'll be able to fight the germs off on his own.
Once the worms cleared up, I found a flea on him! Just one, but that's all it takes. I figure he found it in my backyard. So, we called the vet again. Flea meds for everyone! That took care of the problem quickly and easily.
He had his final shots on October 1, then we had to wait one week, then he got to go to the dog park and meet lots of new friends! Yeah!

He loved running around the park, but this playing with other dogs, was a bit intimidating. We went everyday for about a week until he met Sam. Sam is a yellow lab puppy about the same size as Oak and they had a fabulous time playing together. The next time we went, he met Scout(a black lab puppy) and that was it. He loved meeting new friends and playing.

He also got to go to the daycare we run. Everybody was so BIG and BOUNCY! It was kinda scary at first, but then he made friends with Herman and it was ok. Herman is a cocker spaniel and just the right size for puppy Oak to play with.

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Corinne said...

A truly special picture of Oak, I love it! Your blog is fun and informative Congratulations!!:)